Nuclear Winter Wonderland (ft. Bone Cage and Mr. Gee)

by Rock, Paper, Cynic



Happy holidays from the wasteland! I got you just what you wanted: BEANS AND ALSO MUTANTS! Yay!

You have to check out the music video for this one, which prominently features my rescue dog Tommy and I surviving the post-apocalypse:

And by the way, 100% OF PROCEEDS from this track go to Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue ( so that other rescue dogs can find happy homes.

I have some incredibly generous and talented people to thank for helping me with this collaboration!

Bonecage ( arranged and/or performed all of the instruments and produced an absolutely killer track in no time at all!

Mr. Gee ( provided backing vocals, jingly bells and inspiration for the track!


Gunshots ring, mutants call out,
In the wastes, in the fallout,
Ash fills the skies, the world slowly dies,
Walking in a nuclear winter wonderland!

Gone away is the dough cloud,
Here to stay is the glow cloud,
They emit gamma rays while our organs decay,
Walking in a nuclear winter wonderland

In the ruins we can build a stronghold,
And stock it up with bullets, food and guns,
When the raiders come we will say, “Behold!
This ammunition’s live you’d better run!”

Later on we'll conspire,
Set the corpse heaps on fire,
And face unafraid this hell that we’ve made,
Walking in a nuclear winter wonderland!


Gun shots ring, sudden impact,
Burst of pain, better fall back,
To the fire, I’m ready! Cauterize with machete!
Walking in this nuclear winter wonderland!

Run away, start a’sprintin’,
Here come they, knives a’glintin,
They’ve got cannibal grins, scent of blood on the wind,
Walking in a nuclear winter wonderland!

In the ruins we can make a stand, dear,,
And pretend there’s life beyond this hell,
Take as many with you as you can, dear,
But don’t forget to save a bullet for yourself...

Guess we won... they’re retreatin’...
Think I’m done... can’t stop bleedin’...
Cradle my head... as we envy the dead...
Walking in a nuclear winter wonderland!
Walking in a nuclear winter wonderland!
Walking in a... nuclear winter... wonderland!


released December 21, 2015
Written and performed by Rock, Paper, Cynic
All instruments, mixing and mastering by Bonecage
Backing vocals and jingly bells by Mr. Gee




Rock, Paper, Cynic Toronto, Ontario

Rock, Paper, Cynic writes geek-powered songs for people who are bad at being grown-ups. His music covers serious topics like like having a crush on the National Security Agency or taking Netflix as a monogamous lover.

His songs sound like if Jonathan Coulton, the Barenaked Ladies and John K. Samson climbed into a van and weren't allowed out until they wrote something.
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